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25 Dec
TEST For Card Payments
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08 Jan
New Headteacher and Heads of School Induction Programme
Benefits of the programme This programme will develop the skills needed in effective leaders so that they: • aims to give an essential introduction to the key departments and officers with the Local Authority • enhance their current practice and have a direct impact on their school in leading teaching and learning and raising standards • are confident in working collaboratively with others in school and across schools in the Local Authority and beyond • are able in time to be highly effective school leaders and Head teachers • the programme aims to give essential introduction to the key departments and officers with the Local Authority
09 Jan
Developing the Careers Leader Programme (4 sessions)
The programmehas been developed to offer a locally focused and cost effective approach to supporting school/college Career Leaders and Senior Staff in schools/colleges in South London in meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks and Ofsted assessment criteria. The individual sessions will help Career Leaders and Senior Staff involved in the provision of career guidance to: 1. Networking - It will explore how to develop a network around the school or college with employers, colleges, universities and other partners to support your students' career learning. 2. Coordination - It will explore aspects of internal coordination in the school/college. 3. Management - It will explore the day-to-day tasks involved in managing a careers programme, including planning, budgeting and supporting colleagues 4. Leadership - it will explore different models of careers leadership and how to secure buy-in for a careers vision.
10 Jan
Teacher Training for GCSE/ A Level Spanish (TSST:MFL)
Morning session: Delivered in English and will comprise a theoretical reflection, with practical examples, on some key aspects of the new GCSE and A level programme, with a focus on the four language skills, on using translation as a teaching tool and on the use and design of authentic teaching material based on the Task-Based Approach to language teaching and learning (30hrs). Afternoon session: Conducted in the target language and will expand the content presented in the morning with practical Spanish GCSE and A Level examples based on the Task-Based Approach, with the possibility to share ideas and teaching material and to do some micro teaching sessions (30hrs).
14 Jan
Designated Safeguarding Lead Training
Learning Objectives: - Consider key legislation and guidance that determines organisation’s policies for child safety and welfare - Understand how to respond effectively to a child who reports abuse - Understand the barriers that prevent staff from reporting concerns, and how to overcome them - Make the right decisions about what steps to take when concerns about a child have been raised - Understand what role the school or Early Years Setting has in the multi-agency child protection process, including case conferences - Explore issues connected to recording and sharing information, including confidentiality - Awareness of the emotional impact of safeguarding children and identify a network for personal support - Consider learning from local and national serious case reviews

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